Paper LDO Packet

Condition: Excellent

Pattern: LDO


Product Description: Generic Paper LDO Packet. Light wear throughout. Can be used for various awards and medals of the Third Reich.

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Historical Description: German awards and decorations of the 20th century were produced and issued in a wide variety of packaging types. On the high end, elaborate, top quality presentation cases were produced, that were intended to be kept by the recipient and used to store the award when not in use. These cases, often covered in leatherette and lined with plush fabrics, were sometimes adorned with decoration in gold or silver leaf. Less prestigious awards, on the other hand, were often issued in simple paper or even cellophane envelopes, which could be printed with the designation of the award or other text. In addition, there were myriad types of boxes, some simple and some more refined, to house various awards. Some award packaging was specific to a certain decoration, while other types were generic and could have housed a variety of badges or medals. Award cases were themselves at times made and issued in cartons, intended to be discarded, but sought-after as rare collectibles today. The study of the packaging used for awards is part of the hobby of collecting badges and medals.



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