Panzer Swallowtail Regimental Standarte

Condition: Excellent


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Product Description: We are very pleased to be able to offer this rare and extremely desirable Panzer Swallowtail Regimental Standarte. This is a beautiful display object, and an incredibly well-executed piece of artisanal craftsmanship. The body of this gorgeous, double-sided flag is made of a fine silk, which retains appealing original pink color that denotes the sought-after Panzer branch. All of the bullion, silver flat wire and silk thread embroidery is done by hand, with incredible skill. The detail on the eagle and swastika emblem is absolutely stunning. All of the embroidery is intact, with no dry rot or other issues. The fringe around the edges is intact. This Panzer Swallowtail Regimental Standarte shows some light patina and soiling in areas, with a couple of small stains. On the hoist end, there are small holes from the fastening brads that once affixed this swallowtail to a flag pole. The number “000-8400” is inked in small numerals on one corner of one side. Any Wehrmacht unit flag is a rare and desirable historical artifact. To find one from a Panzer Regiment is extremely difficult. This one is excellent.



Historical Description: A guidon, standard, or, in German, “Standarte,” is the flag of a military unit. These flags can communicate a wide variety of information, including the specific designation of a unit, its branch or corps affiliation, or even the title of the individual carrying the flag. These flags have a long history in world militaries, stretching back to ancient Rome and even further, into the Bronze Age; their use was formalized in medieval times, with standards emblazoned with the commander’s coat of arms. Originally, these flags were carried into battle, and had a functional purpose, helping soldiers on the battlefield locate their units and commanders and to retain formation. In modern times, these flags have a more ceremonial purpose and are typically used in formal settings. Military unit flags have a rich tradition and are desirable collectibles.



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