Matched Set of Panzer Collar Tabs

Condition: Exc


Product Description: A beautiful set of unissued Panzer Collar Tabs. Panzer Collar Tabs are one of the most recognizable symbols of the German army during world war 2. During the war, these tabs made up the insignia for German panzer(armored) personnel. These tabs were worn on the lower portion of the collar. This set of tabs were constructed on a base of buckram backing which was over-layed with black wool. A pink rayon piping, designating panzer(armor), was attached to the perimeter of the black tab and neatly joined together by hand sewing. After the completion of the tab itself, a metal skull cypher was attached using the two delicate brass prongs affixed to the reverse of the skull. The design of skulls attached to these tabs were symbolic of the Panzer units, drawing their historical tradition from the skull insignias used by German cavalry units prior to the institution of mechanized warfare. The uniforms worn by the Panzer units of the second world war were some of the most instantly recognizable uniforms of the war. The uniforms were black to hide the grease and dirt that would inevitably be a problem for a lighter color uniform worn in close proximity of a large machine like the panzers. These uniforms were also developed to be very tight fitting to keep the uniform from snagging the equipment inside the tight quarters of a tank or other armor.


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