Panzer Assault Badge in Silver – AS in Triangle

Condition: Excellent++

Maker: AS in Triangle

Base Material: Zinc

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Product Description: This is a very nice example of an all-original Panzer Assault Badge in Silver. It’s made of zinc, and still retains most of the original factory applied silver wash. The silver is bright and beautiful, with nice shine. Very slight wear has exposed the zinc in some small spots at the high point of the design. All of the original detail is intact. The reverse of this badge is semi-hollow, and shows some slight surface wear that suggests this may have been worn on a uniform. It’s marked behind the swastika with the “AS in Triangle” maker mark of a still-unknown maker. The hardware setup is textbook for this variant, with a ball hinge, sheet metal catch, and functional round wire attachment pin. This badge is complete and sound, with no damage or repairs to note. It’s got great character and visual appeal. The condition rates as excellent plus plus. These are tough badges to find in this condition.




Historical Description: The Panzer Assault Badge was instituted on December 20th, 1939.    It was awarded in the silver grade to Panzer crewman who met the combat requirements. On June 1st, 1940, following the start of the blitzkrieg against France, the bronze grade was introduced to award armoured reconnaissance, motorcycle riflemen, and panzer-grenadier units.  The requirements for both versions were the same, the soldier must have participated in three combat assaults on three separate days to be eligible.       

The design of the Standard Panzer Assault Badge consists of an oakleaf wreath surrounding a Panzer (Tank) with the German National Eagle positioned at the top clutching a swastika.  The Standard Panzer Assault Badges can still be a common occurrence at local gun and military shows even now.  The German Army had tens of thousands of Panzer crewmen who became eligible for the award as the war progressed.  Because of the large number of soldiers who had fulfilled the requirements to wear the award, a high demand for producing of the Panzer Assault Badge was needed.  In response to this, approximately 35 manufacturers were authorized to produce the award between 1939 and 1945.  Many of these manufacturers created their own version of the badge by artistically designing their own version of the eagles, wreath’s, and tanks on the badge.  The design of one Panzer badge may not be identical to the next one encountered.  This makes the collecting of the different manufacturers and their variants its own niche in the hobby. 




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