Packeted EK2 Spange by Ziemer

Condition: Exc


Product Description: Here’s a very nice Packeted EK2 Spange produced by the manufacturer “Ziemer & Sohn” located in Oberstein.  The Spange itself is made of early “buntmetall”, also known in the collecting world as tombak or nickel silver.  It retains all four of its original pins for attaching it to the center of the black and white ribbon.  Also to note is that, still being unissued, has not been placed on the ribbon.  It remains the way was when initially produced.  The spange also remains totally uncleaned in any way and has developed a very very nice, almost colorful-like, patina over time.

The packet is the matching packet for this award.  The packet has not been folded and has no tears or rips in it.  It remains in extremely good condition.

The ribbon is the original one accompanying the set.  It was folded once, placed in the packet with the spange and that is how it has remained for decades.  It has no staining at all and still has that fresh look to it like other mint ribbons of the period I have seen over the years.


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