ORG. TODT Cuff Title

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Product Description: This Org. Todt Cuff Title is a very rare variant. It’s made of a fairly coarse gray cotton fabric with crisply printed lettering in black ink. The ends and sides are folded over. This example is full length, and appears to be tunic removed, with evidence of hand stitching and a few remaining bits of thread along the long edges. The reverse of this Org. Todt cuff title shows the folded edges, with one edge showing a printed guide line that showed where it was to be cut from the sheet when these were produced. The front of this armband shows slight surface wear and soiling that is commensurate with having been worn on a uniform sleeve. This hard to find piece is complete, with no holes or tears. It remains in excellent condition.

Historical Description: The OT or Organization Todt, was formed in July 1933 under the command of Dr. Fritz Todt, an NSDAP member since 1923 and a construction engineer, who had just recently been appointed as General Inspector of Roads. In June 1938 the OT was charged with construction of the fortifications on the West Wall and in March 1940 Dr. Todt was also appointed as Minister of Munitions & Armament. In August 1941 Dr. Todt was also named the Minister for Water and Energy. Beginning in early 1942 the OT was also responsible for constructing the submarine pens on the northern coast of France. While the OT was a quasi-political organization when it was engaged in construction projects for the armed forces it nominally came under military control. The OT personnel consisted mostly of trained civil engineers and laborers. Uniforms for OT personnel were introduced shortly after the outbreak of the war and were basically the same uniform as worn by RAD Reichs Arbeits Dienst, (National Labor Service), personnel with small modifications.



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