NSKK Gorget

Condition: Very Good

Pattern: NSKK

Base Material: Aluminum

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Product Description: This NSKK Gorget is a rare gorget to find. It’s made of stamped aluminum. The front of this impressive gorget features the distinctive NSKK organizational emblem above the wording “N.S.K.K. Verkerhrs-Erziehungdienst” indicating the NSKK Traffic Education Service. At the top of the gorget, the control number “41939” is made of separately applied aluminum and zinc numerals, which retain all of their prongs. This gorget shows some age, and most of the original black paint is missing. The surface shows an old patina. The left side of the gorget retains a single chain link and functional spring clip. The remainder of the chain is missing. The reverse of this NSKK Gorget has an aluminum hook to help hold it in place when worn on a uniform. No backing material remains, and there is no maker marking. Overall, this rare gorget remains in very good condition.



Historical Description: The National Socialist Motor Corps (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, or NSKK) was a Nazi paramilitary organization that conducted training in the operation of motorcycles and automobiles, as well as transported Nazi Party and SA personnel. It was founded in 1931, as a successor to the National Socialist Automobile Corps. The organization and ranks in the NSKK were similar to that of the SA. It focused on fitness in motoring skills, including maintenance and use of both military and civilian vehicles. NSKK members assisted with traffic direction, as well as the transportation of personnel involved with constructing the bunker system on Germany’s western frontier. Starting with the outbreak of war in 1939, the NSKK assisted the German armed forces, providing infrastructural support. As with most uniformed organizations in the Third Reich, the NSKK had a myriad of specific regalia and insignia, each with its own distinct purpose and meaning.


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