NSKK Chained High Leader Dagger by Eickhorn

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Carl Eickhorn of Solingen

Pattern: Chained High Leader Dagger

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Product Description: A rare, and beautiful, Early NSKK Chained High Leader Dagger by Carl Eickhorn. From 1937, these daggers were bestowed by NSKK Corps Leader Adolf Hühnlein. The blade features a hand-forged Damascus steel. It has a very prominent grain pattern and features a slightly dark finish. The obverse displays a muted gilt, raised out motto which reads “Alles Für Deutschland”, and is flanked by oak leaf and acorn sprigs. To the reverse, is the acid etched “Hühnlein” facsimile signature and the gilded, raised out seated squirrel “Carl Eickhorn Solingen” maker mark. The blade ridges fit perfectly up against the lower crossguard. The textbook burnished silver honor crossguards elegantly display a hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn motif, with a fine even patina throughout. The grip is a medium contour ridge constructed type, fitting the crossguards quite nicely. The grip remains in excellent condition. The SA runes button is beautifully set and has perfect enamel. The grip eagle is a fine silver example, being the “high necked” variety. The scabbard shell is completely straight and is covered with the fine-grained black leather. The leather runs up to, but not under, the upper and lower fittings. All of the fittings are in fine condition, with beautiful patina. The lower ball retains a beautiful round shape. These scabbard fittings are retained by early silvered screws. The center scabbard ramp is the one-of-a-kind type, only used on NSKK High Leader daggers. This ramp features a design of flared rectangles in the center of both sides. The NSKK chain is the “standard” type (The NSKK High Leader daggers are encountered with two types of chains. One is the “standard” as is the case here, and the other is the silver open cartouche Gahr type). The links of this example are solid nickel and they are unmarked on the back, since Honor/High Leader daggers did not fall under the controls of the RZM. The top assembly has three links, two of which depict the NSKK winged bird clutching a swastika, and the center example being a raised-out sun wheel swastika. The lower chain has five links which alternate the eagle and sun wheel swastika, and in the center, is the triangular style rune used exclusively by the NSKK. These chain links have taken on a fine, dull nickel patina, exactly matching that of the center ramp. The links are connected with round circular tabs, which are perfectly executed. The chain links are attached to a gathering clip. The clip is a standard NSKK style, having the applied shield on the obverse. The shield depicts an acorn placed between two nicely veined oak leaves. A truly rare, and wonderful, dagger to own!



Historical Description: The National Socialist Motor Corps (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, or NSKK) was a Nazi paramilitary organization that conducted training in the operation of motorcycles and automobiles, and also transported Nazi Party and SA personnel. It was founded in 1931, as a successor to the National Socialist Automobile Corps. The organization and ranks in the NSKK were similar to that of the SA. It focused on fitness in motoring skills, including maintenance and use of both military and civilian vehicles. NSKK members assisted with traffic direction, as well as the transportation of personnel involved with constructing the bunker system on Germany’s western frontier. Starting with the outbreak of war in 1939, the NSKK assisted the German armed forces, providing infrastructural support. As with most uniformed organizations in the Third Reich, the NSKK had a myriad of specific regalia and insignia, each with its own distinct purpose and meaning.


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