NSFK Sleeve Insignia – Uniform Removed

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: This is a killer “cut-off” NSFK sleeve insignia. It’s a nice, “Bevo” style machine woven version, that features the Icarus organizational emblem of the NSFK. This was worn on an NSFK brownshirt and actually still has original period hand stitching and even remnants of the sleeve of the shirt still affixed to the reverse. The front shows nice, even wear and has a great uniform worn look. The back has a couple of chunks of the original shirt, which is worn and fragile, with some wear holes. “Cut-offs” like this are always sought-after, and paramilitary examples such as this are much harder to find than military insignia. This NSFK sleeve insignia is definitely unique and has a great look with loads of character. Very hard to find these like this.

Historical Description: The National Socialist Flyers Corps (Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps, or NSFK) was a Nazi paramilitary organization that conducted military aviation training and held sporting events. It was founded in April, 1937, as a successor to the DLV. The organization and ranks in the NSFK were similar to that of the SA, and it worked together with the Hitler Youth to provide education for young people. Primarily, NSFK training utilized gliders, though private airplanes and balloons were also used. Members of the organization also built and flew model aircraft. The “winged man” organizational emblem of the NSFK featured Icarus and a Nazi swastika, and was used on everything from dress uniforms, to the sports clothing worn in competitions. As with most uniformed organizations in the Third Reich, the NSFK had a myriad of specific regalia and insignia, each with its own distinct purpose and meaning.


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