Early NSDAP Brass Wall Eagle

Condition: EXC

Measurement: Approximately 9 Inches Tall  by 14-1/2 Inches Wide

Weight: 2.4 Pounds

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Product Description: This early NSDAP wall eagle is a supremely impressive, massive piece. It is cast from a non-magnetic alloy, presumably brass. It depicts a generic type German political eagle and swastika emblem, that was not specific to any particular Nazi Party organization. It measures about 14-1/2 inches wide, and 9 inches high. This NSDAP Wall Eagle is an extremely high quality piece with loads of beautiful, intricate detail, much more detail than is usually seen on eagles of this kind. The smooth surfaces of the bold swastika design contrast with the fine details of the laurel wreath and eagle feathers, giving this a really striking overall look. The brass shows a very pleasant, even age patina. The reverse is semi-hollow, with a wire loop for hanging on a wall or door. At a weight of 2.4 pounds, this is a very substantial artifact. There is no damage, no condition issues to note, only typical age. This NSDAP wall eagle is absolutely stunning and worthy of being a collection centerpiece. It’s a very rare object.


Historical Description: To the Germans, a “Hoheitszeichen” is the symbol that represents national sovereignty as exercised by the state, in the form of the state and municipal authorities and organs. During the Third Reich, the German Hoheitszeichen was the eagle clutching the swastika emblem of the Nazi party. This eagle emblem appeared in countless forms, from military uniform insignia to the seals and stamps used on official documents. National eagle emblems were also used as wall and building decorations, for official buildings and meeting halls used by Nazi Party organizations, and also private homes. These state symbols in some cases were used to recognize official Party spaces, and in other cases were simply decorative items used by Nazi supporters. During the Third Reich, wall and building eagles existed in myriad forms. Some were unique, and cast in concrete, or even carved in stone; indeed, some of these eagles still adorn German buildings today, with the swastikas removed or concealed. Other wall and building eagles were mass produced, and were made in materials ranging from metal to cardboard. There were also wooden eagles, individually hand-carved in the Black Forest tradition. Many of these wall and building eagles used generic national eagle emblems, while others depicted the organizational emblems of military or paramilitary groups. Allied denazification policies in 1945 and later stipulated that these national emblems bearing the Nazi swastika had to be destroyed. Surviving examples are rare and extremely collectible.


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