NSDAP Sport Shirt Emblem

Condition: Near Mint


Product Description: This is NSDAP Sport Shirt Emblem is a great piece. These large patches have a lot of visual appeal, and this one is no exception. It’s Bevo machine woven, and features a very detailed, left-facing Nazi Party type political eagle and swastika emblem, woven in white thread on a blue shield, with a white outline. The colors on this piece are still bright, just as they would have been when new. The reverse of this attractive NSDAP sports shirt emblem shows the eagle design in reverse. All of the thin blue backing material is still present, just as it would have been when cut from a roll at the factory; this was never issued or used. This piece is clean and crisp, with no stains, holes or other damage. It’s in near mint condition, close to factory new. It would be hard to find a nicer example of this desirable regalia item.



Historical Description: Physical fitness and competition were two concepts that were highly valued in the ideology of the Third Reich. All kinds of sports clubs and organizations flourished in the years before WWII, with larger Reich level organizations supervising athletics, promoting events and issuing awards for sport achievement. The various Nazi era civil, political, military and paramilitary organizations also promoted or even mandated exercise and sports for their members. To facilitate this, these organizations instituted sport uniforms, which typically included sport shoes, and for warm weather, shorts and a knit tank top with a woven emblem specific to that organization. In cold weather, the sport uniform generally included dark colored knit trousers and a sweatshirt, usually also with the sports-specific organizational emblem. The woven organizational emblem patch used on the sports patch was often a rather large patch, making these appealing souvenirs for Allied troops as they swept into Germany. Some types of the sports patches are very common today, though intact sports clothing is rarer, and some sports emblems for smaller organizations, made in limited numbers, are very rare.


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