NSDAP Political Undershirt

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Knagge & Reitz, München

Pattern: Half Button

Base Material: Twilled Cotton

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Product Description: This NSDAP Political Undershirt is an incredible, unissued survivor. It has never been worn. It is a textbook pullover style, with two button cuff closures and a four button placket. All of the original, reddish brown, 4 hole buttons are still present and held in place with the original stitching. The shirt is made from a brown cotton twill fabric with a diagonal weave. It’s nicely marked inside, with an ink stamp indicating manufacture by the uniform factory “Knagge & Reitz, München,” and a “3” size stamp. The interior of this NSDAP political unershirt also has an RZM paper tag that labels it “Diensthemd nach Vorschrift” (Regulation Service Shirt). These shirts are an important part of the NSDAP political uniforms, many of which were worn with an open collar that would expose the shirt beneath. Most of them were destroyed after the war, or worn out in the difficult clothing shortages of the early postwar period. This one is pristine, in near mint condition, and would likely be impossible to upgrade.



Historical Description: NSDAP Political Leaders were entitled to wear a wide variety of uniforms and regalia. They had their own special uniforms, each with distinctive insignia denoting the wearer’s specific rank and level of leadership within the Nazi Party hierarchy. This insignia changed in pattern over the course of the Third Reich, creating a vast array of variations. These uniforms were of course complete with specific headgear, as well as all kinds of accessories and accoutrements, as was typical for Nazi-era regalia. Political leaders wore wide belts with distinctive gilt belt buckles adorned with the Nazi eagle and swastika emblem. They were authorized to carry special Walther PPK pistols, known as “honor weapons,” with Nazi insignia on the grips. NSDAP political uniforms and regalia were avidly sought-after by souvenir-hungry GIs as the war moved into Germany. Most of this regalia was destroyed as part of the denazification process; surviving pieces remain very desirable to collectors.


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