NSDAP Pin Enamel Marked M1/105

Condition: Excellent

Maker: M1/105, Hermann Aurich

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Product Description: This NSDAP Pin Enamel Marked M1/105 is an attractive gem. These enamel member pins are very sought-after and have become hard to find in this condition. The obverse features a black Nazi swastika emblem within a white roundel, surrounded by a red circle with the lettering “Nazional-Sozialistische D.A.P.” All of the enamel is perfect, with no chips or scratches. The translucent red enamel shows the pebbling behind the lettering and is beautiful. The lettering and metal edge of this pin retain much of the original silver finish. The reverse of this NSDAP Pin Enamel Marked M1/105 has all of the original finish, and has a functional horizontal pin, still held in place with the original solder. Above the pin, this member badge has the round “RZM” logo of the Reichszeugmeisterei. Below the pin, it is marked with the maker code M1/105 indicating manufacture by the firm of Hermann Aurich. This is a top quality piece, and the condition rates a very strong excellent. It is a choice example.



Historical Description: The NSDAP Membership Badge (Parteiabzeichen) was worn by all members of the Nazi Party, on the lapel of civilian clothes, or in some cases on uniforms. The origins of the badge date back to the early days of the NSDAP, and there is much variation among the earliest examples, though this was soon standardized into the form of an enamel pin featuring a black swastika on a white roundel, surrounded by the inscription “National-Sozialistische D.A.P.,” the official name of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, within a red enamel border. Beginning in 1934, manufacture of the NSDAP membership pins was controlled by the Reichszeugmeisterei, and the reverses of the badges were marked with the RZM logo and maker codes. At some point after the outbreak of WWII, the manufacture of the fine enamel membership pins ceased, and pins were made of silver finished zinc, with painted rather than enameled decoration. Most NSDAP enamel pins had a soldered pin on the reverse, though they were also available with a flat round fitting that allowed the badge to be worn in a buttonhole. Because so many Germans were members of the NSDAP, millions of these pins were made, though some rare variants and early types are hard to find. Even the most common examples are popular among collectors, because of the historical value as well as the iconic, striking design.


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