NSDAP Kreisleitung Hauptstellenleiter Brownshirt

Condition: Excellent Plus

Rank: Kreisleitung Hauptstellenleiter

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Product Description: This NSDAP Kreisleitung Hauptstellenleiter Brownshirt is a very impressive display item. The classic political brown shirt is made of a typical cotton material. The collar is edged with a woven black cord. Both sides of the collar are adorned with third pattern NSDAP collar tabs indicating the rank of Hauptstellenleiter (Main Branch Manager). The edges of the collar tabs are also edged with black cord, indicating a Kreis Level Administrative Position member. This style of collar tab was worn by regulation from 1936 to 1939. The left sleeve features and attractive multi-piece NSDAP armband. The armband is made of wool, and shows bright original color. There is a wool NSDAP armband sewn on the left sleeve  There are two pockets on the front of the shirt, one on each breast, each with a decorative pleat. Each pocket is closed with a silvered magnetic metal button that is maker marked with the RZM (Reichszeugmeisterei) insignia on the reverse, which buttons to a fold-over flap with reinforced button hole. One pocket has a 1935 “Tag der Arbeit” tinnie affixed. All nine of the silvered magnetic metal buttons on the shirt feature a spread-winged eagle clenching a static swastika in its talons and a pebbled background.  There is a brown plastic button sewn in place at the neckline above the three silvered magnetic placket buttons, and a reinforced button hole added below the last of the these buttons at the waist. The beppled belt ramps sewn in to the bottom edge have a gold finish. The sleeves have French cuffs, each of which are held in place via two silvered magnetic metal buttons that are placed back-to-back and joined by a loop.  Inside the collar is a woven makers label that says “44” indicating the collar size. This NSDAP Kreisleitung Hauptstellenleiter Brownshirt is complete and sound, and is very well preserved, with no holes, tears, discoloration or mothing. It’s has great eye appeal and is in excellent plus condition.



Historical Description: The brownshirt is perhaps the most iconic political uniform of the Third Reich. The wear of this garment by Nazi organizations predated the 1933 seizure of power, as the SA and other early Party formations adopted this distinctive garment early on. Use of brown cotton uniforms originated with the Freikorps, initially from the use of surplus uniform parts intended for colonial troops in East Africa. By the 1930s the NSDAP brown shirts were common sights throughout the Reich, as these were worn by members of the SA, NSKK, NSFK, Hitlerjugend and other political and paramilitary organizations. The Nazis extended wear of this political uniform to government functionaries at many levels, and these were worn by political leaders. Brown shirts were worn by the early SS and by the SS combat troops during the first part of WWII as well, under the field gray uniform.





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