Near Mint Cased J1 Retired Pilot Badge – Juncker

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Juncker

Pattern: J1

Base Material: Nickle Silver

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Product Description: This Near Mint Cased J1 Retired Pilot Badge is an extremely rare and desirable object, in outstanding condition. The badge is a top quality, early production piece, made of one piece of stamped nickel silver. Virtually all of the original finish is intact, as well as all of the detail; there is no evident wear. The wreath boasts all of its original high quality silver electroplating, with lovely, highly burnished highlights. The swastika also retains all of the burnishing, and reflects light with a beautiful gleam. The standing eagle at the center of the badge is in the early, “J1” design, and still has nearly all of its dark finish. The reverse of the badge also retains most of its silver electroplated finish. The hardware is textbook Juncker,  with absolutely no repairs. It is maker marked behind the eagle with “C.E. Juncker, Berlin SW.” This exquisite badge is housed in an incredible case, which is also in near mint condition. The case is correct Juncker style, and is unmarked, however the badge fits perfectly and the high quality plush liner shows only the imprint of this type of badge, so it is most likely this is the case which has housed this award from the beginning. The exterior of the case shows only extremely slight wear, with all of the original finish intact. The hinge and push button work flawlessly, and the interior lining and hinge cover present no issues. An extremely rare award to find in any condition, we have never seen such a near mint example of this rare award. This Cased J1 Retired Pilot Badge is an absolutely choice set!



Historical Description: The “Flieger-Erinnerungsabzeichen” (Retired Pilot Badge, or Flyer’s Commemorative Badge) was instituted by Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering on March 26, 1936. This award could be presented to Luftwaffe flying personnel upon honorable retirement from flying duties. To be eligible for the badge, an airman had to have had a flight badge for five years, or a total of 15 years service time, or been disabled as a result of a flight accident. Award of this badge ceased around the time of the outbreak of the war on September 1, 1939. The badge was manufactured by the firm of C. E. Juncker and was made of one piece of metal. The earliest pieces were made of nickel silver, with aluminum badges appearing around 1937. There was also a cloth version which could be worn on civilian clothes. This award is regarded as one of the rarest Luftwaffe flying badges, and is extremely sought-after today.


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