National Hunting Association Cutlass – Clemen & Jung

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Clemen & Jung

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Product Description: This National Hunting Association Cutlass is an extremely deluxe example. The etched blade is a stunner, with elaborate ornamented etchings that feature deer. The etchings on both sides of the blade run across the blade, rather than being oriented along its length, and are not common patterns. On the reverse,  the blade ricasso is marked with the shield maker mark of the firm of Clemen & Jung, a desirable maker known for top quality hunting cutlasses. The handle is beautiful, with a real stag grip that has an attractive honey color. The grip has a nicely and correctly seated stag head and swastika grip emblem for the Deutsche Jägerschaft, the German national hunting association during the Third Reich. The clam shell type crossguard and pommel are brass based. The crossguard has typical hunting type deer hoof ornamentation, with lots of hand done detailing. The handle and fittings show only light, even wear and age patination. This National Hunting Association Cutlass is complete with its original scabbard. The scabbard retains all of the original leather covering, with only minor scuffs and marks in a few spot. The scabbard fittings are silver plated and have a pleasant, uncleaned age patina. This fine cutlass displays great and is in excellent condition. It’s about 20 inches long.



Historical Description: Hunting is a sport with a long tradition in Germany. As with any long tradition, it grew to become a practice steeped in ritual. Hunters generally were members of hunting clubs and organizations, which had permission to hunt specific state-owned forests, under the auspices of forestry organizations. Both the members of the hunting clubs, and those involved in forestry, had traditional hunting clothes, a sort of regalia that by the time of the Third Reich, had evolved into a uniform. These men carried traditional hunting daggers and cutlasses as part of their regalia. These was an almost infinite variety of these edged weapons, made by many makers, and available in countless styles to suit individual preferences. Some of these hunting daggers and cutlasses were mostly utilitarian and practical and were used for the final thrust at the close of a successful hunt. Others were ornate, with detailed ornamentation, and were used for formal and ceremonial occasions when the traditional regalia were worn. These edged weapons were expensive and very personal objects for their original owners.


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