Mint Cased J3 ROAG Badge

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Juncker

Pattern: J3

Base Material: Tombak

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Product Description: This Mint Cased J3 ROAG Badge is an exquisite and absolutely choice set, that would likely be impossible to upgrade. The Radio Operator Air Gunner Badge is a desirable, early production example, made of nickel silver. It shows no wear and only extremely minimal age, and is in close to factory new condition. All of the original detail is present. The oak and laurel leaf wreath and swastika emblem retain all of the original finish, with top quality burnished highlights. The eagle has all of the original factory darkening. On the reverse, this incredible badge is maker marked behind the eagle with a stamped “C. E. Juncker, Berlin S.W.” mark. The hardware setup is complete and unrepaired, and is textbook for this maker, with the typical barrel hinge and round wire catch. The functional attachment pin retains its original darkening. The Juncker rivets are tight and never messed with. This gem of a badge is complete with a correct original case. The case is outstanding, and shows only minuimla wear. The lid is embossed with “Luftwaffen-Fliegerschützen-Abzeichen.” Virtually all of the original surface is intact on the exterior, with full original color. The pushbutton and hinge function flawlessly. Inside, a high-quality lining displays the badge wonderfully. The silk lid lining and hinge cover show no issues. This mint Cased J3 ROAG would be a highlight in virtually any collection.



Historical Description: The Luftwaffe Radio Operators Badge (Bordfunkerabzeichen) was instituted by the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering, in 1935. It featured a German eagle clutching two lightning bolts, surrounded by a wreath with the German swastika at the bottom. The badge was awarded to all Luftwaffe radio operators at the conclusion of their training, upon issue of a certificate from a flight school authorizing them to serve as radio operators. In this sense, it was a trade badge of trained radio operators, rather than being an individual award for military achievement, though it could also be issued prior to the conclusion of training by personnel who flew operational missions. With the annexation of Austria, the Luftwaffe Radio Operators Badge was also issued to Austrian radio operators taken into the German armed forces.


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