Military Administration Norway Badge


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Product Description: This Military Administration Norway Badge is a two-piece, die struck construction badge with black, white, and red enamel and a nickel/silver plated finish. The badge, roughly 41 m/m tall x 77 m/m wide, has an oval base with three enameled rings and a cut-out center. Stylized script reads: ‘Militar’ – ‘Verwaltung’ – ‘Norwegen’ (Military Administration Norway) . The badge has a separate army style national eagle with outstretched wings, clutching a wreath encircled swastika in its talons, eagle is affixed across the base and attached with spot welds. This badge was worn by OKW officials serving in Norway. Showing serial number ‘406’, with pinback attaching device.  This Military Administration Norway Badge is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: These Military Administration Norway Badge were issued to members of the military occupation administration in Norway



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