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Product Description: This Militär Verwaltung Badge is a scarce piece. It measures 30 mm high, and 46 mm wide, and features at the center a large and detailed Wehrmacht eagle and swastika emblem. This eagle is surrounded by an oval that is enameled with the red, white and black national colors of the German Reich, with the inscription “Militär Verwaltung Belgien u. N. Frankreich” (Military Administration, Belgium and Northern France) in Gothic lettering. There is little information available about this rare badge, which presumably was worn on the civilian clothing of the employees of military administration agencies. The front of the badge shows wear, with most of the silver plating on the eagle intact, and some enamel damage on the left side. The back of this Militär Verwaltung badge is textbook, with a hollow form that shows the lettering and eagle details in reverse. All of the original silver plating is retained on the back of the badge, with an even, uncleaned patina. At the top, the original brooch-type clutch pin is intact; it is functional and unrepaired. At the bottom of the reverse, it has been stamped with the issue number “2140.” Numbers up to 4500 are known for this badge. This one is in very good condition.



Historical Description: In addition to the millions of uniformed servicemen, the German Wehrmacht made wide use of civilian auxiliaries for a vast array of tasks. These civilians working with and for the Wehrmacht were not uniformed, but we given various types of identifying insignia, specific to their branch and role, to be worn with civilian clothes. Some positions were denoted by armbands, while others were designated by various metal badges. These badges ranged from simple stick pins to more elaborate and decorative badges, some with enamel finishes. These badges usually had some form of the German national eagle and swastika emblem, with various designs and inscriptions specific to the wearer’s role. The number of civilian employees of the Wehrmacht was small in comparison to the much larger numbers of uniformed personnel; the badges worn by the civilian employees were generally not made in large numbers, and are today sought after collectibles.


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