Matching Police Bayonet – Eickhorn

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Eickhorn

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Product Description:  This Matching Police Bayonet – Eickhorn is a desirable example of an early piece that is seldom encountered. It was made in the Weimar period, then updated in the 1930s: the blade was shortened to 13 inches, the “clam shell” on the crossguard was removed, and the Weimar-era grip eagle was replaced with the correct Nazi-era wreathed eagle and swastika Polizei emblem. The blade on this bayonet is nice, with lots of original luster to the nickel plating, and only small, minor age spots. The tip of the bayonet had the plating removed when the Weimar-era long blade was shortened and reshaped, as is typical. The reverse of the blade has a nice, stamped logo of Carl Eickhorn in Solingen. The handle is fantastic, with a slotted pommel for being fixed to a rifle. The original stag grip plates are intact, with no chips or cracks. The Third Reich Polizei grip emblem shows only very minor wear. The pommel and crossguard retain nearly all of the original finish, with only very minor age patination. The reverse of the crossguard is stamped with “S.Me.II.16,” indicating issue to the Schutzpolizei. The number “M 308” is stamped on the spine of the blade, and on the tang of the handle. This Matching Police Bayonet – Eickhorn is complete with its original scabbard. The same “S.Me.II.16” stamp is present on the upper scabbard fitting. The upper and lower scabbard fittings retain nearly all of their original silver finish, with some brass alloy shining through in high wear spots. The leather scabbard covering is intact, with some minor scuffs. This great early bayonet displays great and remains in excellent condition overall.


Historical Description: In 1936, the German government reorganized the German Polizei (police) with a series of new laws and changes. The result of this was a consolidated police force, with various branches all under control of SS chief Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. One of the many changes instituted at that time was a new dress sidearm for all Polizei branches. Prior to 1936, many of the German police units used long dress bayonets with clamshell crossguards; officers generally wore private purchase variants that had a shorter blade. The new version instituted for Himmler’s police forces was shorter than the previous type, with a blade that measured about 13 inches in length. The clamshell crossguard was removed, and the Nazi-era German Police eagle and swastika organizational emblem replaced the previous six-sided grip insignia used since the Weimar period. The blades were generally nickel plated. The scabbards were typically leather-covered, with nickel fittings, and were suspended from the service belt by a leather bayonet frog. As with all Nazi-era German edged weapons, these were popular souvenirs that were avidly collected by Allied troops, and they remain very collectible today.


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