M42 Field Cap

Condition: EXC

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Description: A great one-looker M42 Field Cap! It was a common practice for soldiers to “update” their M42 caps to resemble the billed M43 model, and that is the case here. The early two-piece insignia are the same as those used on the earlier M34 cap, and as was often the case with the M34, these are factory hand-sewn. The insignia are deeply embedded in the wool surface and show matching wear and patina, there is no doubt these have always been on this cap. This cap shows a lot of wear and tear and was obviously field-worn. The nap on the exterior is almost completely worn away, revealing the typical plain weave of the mid-war field gray wool used for this cap. The cap shows a lot of inset dust and grime from wartime use, as well as sun fading; there is a definite color shift when comparing the exposed parts of the cap, to the parts protected by the flap. The buttons are factory sewn. The twill interior of the cap shows a lot of grime from hair oil and perfectly matches the wear to the exterior. This cap got an added cloth visor, made from a slightly mismatched wool, as is normal for these conversions. The bill is short, in the style of a mountain cap. The lining is neatly hand-stitched in the front where it was opened to insert the visor. There is a stamp in the lining, now difficult to read; it has a 1942 date and what might be a “B” (Berlin) depot designation. If you want an all-original “been there” cap for a combat mannequin or display, this is it.

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