Luftwaffe Officers Sword Helbig

Condition: Excellent

Maker: F&A Helbig

Base Material: Aluminum

Pattern: Aluminum 2nd Pattern

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Product Description: This Luftwaffe Officers Sword Helbig is a truly beautiful sword, made especially desirable by the presence of the original hanger. It’s a second model example, with aluminum fittings. The blade here is really very nice, 28-1/2″ long, with only a slight amount of discoloration, and a couple of minor nicks along the cutting edge. The blade is well-marked, with the manufacturer marking of the firm of F & A Helbig in Steinbach, and a Luftwaffe acceptance stamp. The blade buffer pad is still present. The handle is gorgeous. The aluminum fittings are extremely clean, with no real trace of wear. The swastika emblems on both the crossguard and pommel retain full original gold finish, and the leather wrap on the grip is completely intact, with a tight grip wire. The scabbard leather is in outstanding condition, with beautiful leather. There are only a couple of little nicks to the scabbard leather, which has never been touched up with leather dye (as is often the case). These are typically found without the hanger, but this one retains its complete, original hanger, in blue leather with an aluminum fitting. This Luftwaffe Officers Sword Helbig is one that we are pleased to be able to offer, and that would be very hard to upgrade. It is in a very strong excellent condition.




Historical Description: The traditional sword was part of the regalia of many of the Third Reich’s military and paramilitary branches, including the Wehrmacht, Polizei, and SS. Wear of the sword was typically limited to dress occasions, and was generally reserved for officers and NCOs. Each soldier or official had to purchase his own sword. These were made by a variety of manufacturers, and made available through distributors. Although the overall pattern and appearance of Third Reich swords was regulated by the government or military, there were countless options that the wearer of the sword could choose from, depending on his personal taste, and how much money he wanted to spend. Blades were available with or without etchings. Some swords bore German national symbols on the handle, such as an eagle and swastika on the crossguard or grip, or an organization emblem or swastika on the pommel. Other swords were manufactured without these emblems. Swords could be personalized with engravings or etchings identifying the owner. In wear, they were suspended from a sword hanger worn under the uniform. The wide variety of Third Reich swords, and the generally extremely high level of worksmanship used in the traditional craft of sword manufacture, makes these extremely interesting to collect and to study.


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