Large Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft Member Badge

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Condition: Excellent

Mark: Ges. Gesch

Pattern: 2nd

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Product Description: Large Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft Member Badge (NS-Frauenschaft) Membership Badge.
Large 2nd pattern with red, white and black enamel on gold. Pin back and marked Ges. Gesch. Badge is about 1-3/4 inches top to bottom and about 1- 5/8 inches across top. Overall this Large Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft Member Badge is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: The Third Reich was a time of vast expansion for German military, paramilitary, civil and political organizations. The regime created distinctive regalia for all of these various formations, including a wide array of membership pins and badges to be worn by those who belonged to these organizations. These membership pins could be worn on uniforms or on civilian clothing, and existed in countless forms, from simple stick pins to beautiful and elaborate enameled badges made by jewelers using precious materials. Some of these membership pins were generic, and could be worn by any member of a specific organization, while others displayed distinctions such as rank or position, or recognized long service to a particular group. The membership pins of the various WWII and prewar German organizations often featured the national swastika emblem, and were eagerly sought out by souvenir-hunting Allied soldiers. Some of these pins were made in the millions, while others were made in extremely small numbers and are rare today; all of them are collectible.


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