Land Customs Dagger Hangers

Condition: Excellent


Product Description: These Land Customs Dagger Hangers are a beautiful, complete set. The buckles and bands are constructed of an injection molded aluminum alloy that has been silver washed. They are nicely detailed, with decorative oak leaf ornamentation. The joining piece is also aluminum. The two spring clips at the bottom are zinc based and silver washed, and are fully functional. The grommets are steel based and plated. They have light oxidization. The machine embroidered green rayon and silver aluminum flat-wire cloth is in wonderful condition, with some areas of wear throughout. The correct green velvet backing is in excellent condition, and also shows wear as well as a couple of small moth nips. All of the original machine stitching is intact. These Land Customs Dagger Hangers are a sound pair, with nice visual appeal, and would be perfect for completing a dagger. The overall condition rates as excellent.



Historical Description: Civil organizations during the Third Reich included daggers among their formal regalia, and this included the Customs (Zoll) branch of law enforcement, which was organized under Nazi auspices in 1937. This organization was tasked with both border control and immigration services, with personnel securing borders and waterways as well as handling various administrative functions including tax collection. The size of the organization was around 50,000 officials. The formal dress daggers were introduced in 1937 in two different patterns, one for land customs and the other for water customs. Water customs daggers had a gold finish. Land customs daggers, when first introduced, featured metal fittings made of nickel silver. In 1938, these were replaced with aluminum metal fittings. Production of the daggers ceased in 1942. The German Customs branch was much smaller than many other military and civil branches and as a result relatively few daggers were produced; they are rare and desirable to collectors today.


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