Korea Flag Disposition Center 11th POA

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Product Description: This Korea Flag Disposition Center 11th POA is a visually very impressive item, that is loaded with history and worthy of further research. The flag is made of silk, with typical triangular corner reinforcements. The flag is printed, and the ink or paint used seems to have gotten wet and bled somewhat, resulting in a rather murky appearance with some staining. The flag is inscribed with “11th POA Personnel Center ASCOM-24” as well as “D Co., Chosen Textile Company, Converted Aircraft Parts Factory, Anyang, Korea” and “A Co., Japanese Army Camp, Sihung Korea.” The flag is extensively adorned with a variety of souvenirs added by the veteran. There are several US Army and Army Air Corps unit patches, US ribbon bars for WWII service, a Combat Infantry Badge, a nice pair of wings,an Imperial Japanese pin and even a German WWI ribbon bar! The flag is covered with penned signatures and other inscriptions from American soldiers. This Korea Flag Disposition Center is an untouched time capsule, likely an important souvenir for the veteran who assembled it. It makes a great display piece.



Historical Description: Writing in 1943, famed US war correspondent Ernie Pyle reported that a member of his gun crew quipped, “the Germans fight for Glory, their cities, and their homes. The Americans fight for souvenirs.” He was not the only wartime writer to chronicle the zeal of American soldiers for taking war trophies. Souvenirs were taken on the battlefield, and later, from factories, warehouses, depots and homes in the occupied areas, and from surrendering and captured soldiers. Many soldiers seem to have regarded almost anything as fair game; the spoils of war. Many soldiers found unique, personalized ways to carry, mail or display their war souvenirs, using flags or other cloth or leather items like pincushions for assortments of pins, awards and metal insignia. Over the years, many veterans traded their souvenirs away, gave them as gifts, sold or simply discarded them. Intact groupings of war souvenirs taken by one soldier have become scarce and now have their own collectible value that is often greater than the sum of their parts.


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