Knights Cross Stick Pin – Repaired

Condition: Good


Product Description: This is Knights Cross Stick Pin is a very desirable original piece. This would have been worn on civilian clothes by German military personnel who had been awarded the Knights Cross (Ritterkreuz), the highest award for bravery or merit in the WWII German military. This is a wartime strike stickpin, that appears to me made of zinc. It depicts all three grades of the Iron Cross: the Second Class, the First Class and in the most prominent position, the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. The obverse retains most of the original black enamel paint on the crosses, and has some slight age patina and wear. The reverse of the devices has a typical, flat appearance. The knurled pin is correct for this stick pin type, and appears to be original to the piece, but has come off and been reattached at some point. The repair is of course not visible from the front. This Knights Cross stick pin is a hard item to find, and remains in good condition overall.



Historical Description: Stick pins were one among many types of badges and insignia worn in the Third Reich on military, paramilitary, political and civil uniforms, as well as on civilian clothes. Some stick pins denoted membership in specific organizations, in some cases with variants denoting the wearer’s specific rank, role or achievement level. Other stick pins recognized specific achievements, and still others were simply adornments that showed patriotism or support. Stick pins were also made depicting military and civil awards; these were intended for wear on civilian clothes by those personnel to whom the award had been bestowed. The construction of stick pins during the Nazi era varied tremendously, from finely enameled and exquisitely finished pieces of the highest quality, to simple cast or stamped metal with basic finishes. Third Reich era German stick pins are a field of study all their own; they are avidly collected by those interested in Nazi-era insignia, awards and decorations.


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