Juncker Heer Flak Badge

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Juncker

Material: Zinc

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Product Description: This Juncker Heer Flak Badge is a wonderful, top quality piece, in near mint condition. It is made of zinc. The obverse of the badge has great detail, and a dark patina in the recesses that adds visual depth and appeal. It has clean surfaces, and lots of the original silver finish, which has taken on an attractive, golden tone with time. The reverse of this Juncker Heer Flak Badge is flat, with a nice, uncleaned patina. This is a maker marked example, with the correct “C. E. JUNCKER BERLIN SW68” stamp. The hardware setup is intact and functional, with no sign of repair, and features the classic Juncker barrel hinge, and an oblong catch plate with sheet metal catch. This Juncker Heer Flak Badge is a rare and very desirable piece, with a fantastic overall look, and in incredible condition. It would be hard to upgrade.





Historical Description: On the 18th of July 1941, the Heer Flak Badge was institiuted by the OKW. It was intended to award personnel of Army and Waffen-SS units for the downing of enemy aircraft. Like the Luftwaffe version, its awarding was based upon a point system.  16 points were required for the qualification of the badge, which still had to then be reviewed and authorized by the units commanders.  While the devastating 88mm guns were used with great effect against ground targets such as tanks and other vehicles, no points would be credited towards the Heer Flak Badge by engaging ground units. This award was strictly for the downing aircraft.

The badge itself is of a somewhat simple design.  An 88mm gun resting on a gun emplacement was surrounded by an oakleaves wreath. Placed at the top is the “Reichsadler” eagle clutching a mobile swastika.  These badges are found primarily in zinc, but a rarer form does exist in a higher quality tombak/brass base metal.


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