“J1/J1” Luftwaffe Flak Badge by Juncker

Condition: Excellent

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Product Description: Any early Luftwaffe Flak Badge in nickel silver is very desirable, and this first pattern J1/J1 Juncker badge is particularly tough to find. This is a first pattern badge, as evidenced by the lack of rivets below the breach of the cannon, and the well-defined claws on the distinctive first pattern eagle. The overall condition of the badge is excellent, with only extremely minimal wear to the high points on the front. It retains nearly all of the original luster as well as the darkening to the recesses in the design. The reverse of the badge is clean, with only some minor marks from wear and some patina. It has everything one would expect to see for a first pattern Juncker: the typical tombak wire catch and barrel hinge, the usual cut marks on the badge behind the hinge where the center was cut out, and of course the manufacturer mark. A very fine Luftwaffe Flak Badge in outstanding early quality.


Historical Description: Historical Description: The Luftwaffe Flak Badge was instituted on 10th January, 1941. The original design, an Eagle clutching a swastika flying above a raised 88mm gun emplacement and surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves, is credited to Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus, a famous German architect whose designs were favored by the German OKW and used for many other combat and qualification awards. The criteria for the awarding of the Luftwaffe Flak Badge was based upon a points system. Points were given for the downing of enemy aircraft and the assistance of the downing of aircraft by searchlight or spotting units. After accruing 16 points, the badge would be awarded. Both officers and enlisted personnel were eligible for the award.


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