Imperial Prussian Observer Badge – Meybauer


Condition: Very Good

Maker: Meybauer

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Product Description: This Imperial Prussian Observer Badge is a lovely badge. The badge is believed to be made by Meybauer. It is a hollow back version, made of stamped metal. The silver has taken on a very beautiful age patina, with even, attractive toning. This badge is very high quality, and extremely well made, with crisp detail to the laurel and oak leaves as well as the Prussian crown at the top. The enamel on the Army Corps badge unfortunately has a chip and some spidering in the enamel.  The reverse of this Imperial Prussian Observer Badge does have what looks like a period repair to where the enamel overlay attaches through the back. The hardware was removed and two loops were attached in the period so that the badge could be used on a flight jacket. This badge also is also accompanied by a letter from Detlev Niemann. This Imperial Prussian Observer Badge has great character, and is in very good condition.



Historical Description: The Imperial Prussian military instituted a number of flying awards and badges prior to 1918, to recognize the skills and achievements of pilots and air crew before and during the First World War. The Prussian Army Pilot’s Badge was officially instituted by the King of Prussia and Emperor of the German Empire Wilhelm II on January 27, 1913, as a qualification badge. The criteria for the award of this badge evolved during WWI, making it more of an award; pilots were expected to have completed some actual combat flying. In addition to the Pilot’s Badge, an Observer’s Badge was also instituted; in January 1918, an Air Gunner’s Badge was instituted as well. There was also a Commemorative Flyer’s Badge, which commemorated service with the German Army air service. At some point in WWI, issue of these badges ceased, and air crew members who met the qualifications for wearing the badge were simply given paper certificates; they had to purchase their own badges. Perhaps for this reason, various private purchase styles of these badges are generally more common than the stamped metal issue types. Wear of these badges continued after WWI by those men who had earned them. 


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