Imperial German Commemorative Table Medal

Condition: Excellent

Base Material: Iron


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Product Description: This Imperial German Commemorative Table Medal is an attractive piece. It’s made of iron, and is in the form of a fairly large Iron Cross, measuring about 3 inches by 3 inches. It closely follows the pattern of the Iron Cross award, with a crown and “FW” cypher for King Friedrich Wilhelm II, and a “W” cypher with oak leaves for the Kaisers, Wilhelm I and II. It also has the dates 1913, 1870 and 1914, commemorating these German wars for which the Iron Cross was awarded. The “core” of this cross (though it is all one piece) has a stippled texture, and retains virtually all of the original black painted finish. The reverse of this cross is flat and mostly smooth, with an uncleaned patina. It’s possible that this piece may have been intended for use as a patriotic paperweight. This Imperial German Commemorative Table Medal has no significant damage, and is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: Military, political, civil, and paramilitary organizations during the Third Reich created a wide variety of non-portable awards, mostly in the form of award plaques and table medals, but also including decorative plates, various kinds of trophies, and usable gift items. These awards were generally presented in cases where a medal or award to be worn on the uniform would not be appropriate. Non-portable awards were given to winners of various types of sport contests, as well as to recognize distinguished service to military or civilian organizations, and even private companies. The table medals were typically originally awarded inside special custom fitted cases, like those used for some military awards. They could be made of metal, or in some cases porcelain, and were generally finely struck, and of high quality. The wall plaques were typically made of metal, often mounted to a wood base. They could feature Hitler, organizational emblems, or other military or patriotic themed decoration. There was a vast range of non-portable awards made and used during the Third Reich. Some were unique, custom works of art. There were also factories that issued catalogs filled with all kinds of different mass-produced items. After the war, most of these items that bore images of the swastika or Hitler were destroyed to comply with Allied denazification policy.


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