HJ Membership Pin – M1/93


Condition: Excellent+

Maker: M1/93- Gottlieb Friedrich Keck & Sohn

Base Material: Tombak



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Product Description: This HJ Membership Pin – M1/93 is a great looking example of this popular enameled pin. The obverse depicts the diamond-shaped organizational emblem of the Hitler Youth, with a central black swastika. The red enamel is translucent, as is typical, allowing a view of the pebbled surface of the metal below. It shows only light wear, with no cracks or chips to the enamel, and just a few small marks. The reverse of this HJ membership pin shows attractive toning to the original silver finish. It’s marked with the round emblem of the Reichszeugmeisterei, as well as the maker code “M1/93” indicating manufacture by the prestigious award manufacturing firm Gottlieb Friedrich Keck & Sohn. The functional steel pin is held in place by an round catch plate, with no repairs. This HJ Membership Pin – M1/93 is a nice one, in a strong excellent plus condition.


Historical Description: The first Nazi youth organization was created in Germany in 1922. In 1926, this organization took on the name “Hitlerjugend” (Hitler Youth) and by 1930, it had over 25,000 members. From 1933 to 1945, the Hitler Youth was the only official youth organization in Germany. The Hitler Youth was for boys aged 14 to 18, and also included the “Deutsche Jungvolk” for boys aged 10 to 14, and the “Bund deutsche Mädel” for German girls. This was primarily a paramilitary organization. Members learned military skills, such as drill and marching, and were arranged in units with a command structure similar to that of the military. These units were subject to political lectures and other types of indoctrination using Nazi propaganda. By December of 1936, the Hitlerjugend had over 5 million members. During WWII, The Hitler Youth assisted the German postal service and the Reich national railways, among other tasks. By the end of the war, Hitler Youth members were being deployed in combat as anti-aircraft gunners attached as auxiliaries to the Luftwaffe, and as members of the Volkssturm militia units. Hitler Youth personnel had a wide variety of uniforms and headgear, including tan summer uniforms, wool winter uniforms, and specialized clothing for sports competitions or special units. These uniforms were worn with a wide variety of different insignia which designated specific functions and units. Headgear ranged from simple field caps and ski caps, to specialized equipment. Hitler Youth members were also eligible to earn a range of awards. At the end of the war, the Hitlerjugend was disbanded, and later banned by the German criminal code.



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