High Seas Fleet Badge by Schwerin

Condition: Exc /NM

Maker: Schwerin

Base Material:  Brass “Tombak”

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Product Description: A stunning High Seas Fleet Badge in excellent condition. This High Seas Fleet Badge is made by the famous maker Schwerin of Berlin. The badge is die struck out of brass (Tombak). The wreath received a high quality fire-gilding with high polished swastika and high points of the eagle. The darkened Battleship retains much of its black oxide finish making the badge contact nicely. The hardware is soldered directly to the base of the badge using a block hinge and flatwire catch. The badge has no repairs. This is a fine quality Original High Seas Fleet Badge by a premium maker.


Historical Description:  The High Seas Fleet War Badge was instituted on April 30th by Großadmiral Erich Raeder. The institution of the award was to recognize the actions of personnel serving on German Battleships and Cruisers, first during the naval battles against England, and later the naval battles against any enemy countries. Awarding criteria varied from twelve weeks of active service on a battleship or cruiser, good conduct, posthumously while serving aboard vessel, or for the sinking of the sailors ship from under him.


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