Heer Three Place Medal Bar

Condition: Excellent


Product Description: This Heer Three Place Medal Bar is a unique, interesting piece. The three awards represented here are the Heer 4-Year Long Service Medal, a Polizei 8-Year Long Service Medal, and an Austrian Anschluss Medal. The Heer medal is a great strike, with beautiful deep toning to the original silver finish on the medal, and a ribbon eagle that retains nearly all of the original silver wash. The Polizei meal has some wear to the edges, and a light patina. The Anschluss medal has attractive toning as well. The ribbons are complete, with no holes, and slight soiling from wear. Originally, the soldier who wore these awards had this bar assembled as a two-piece bar, with only the long service awards. Later, he was awarded the Anschluss medal, and rather than make an entire new bar, he chose instead to add this medal to the existing bar. Essentially, this is made up of two separate medal bars that have been stitched together, although you can’t tell from the front. This Heer three place medal bar is a bit wobbly where the medal bars are stitched together, but they are securely attached. The reverse has two separate pin and catch systems for the two medal bars, to affix this to a soldier’s uniform. It’s a really neat example with personal character, and it remains in excellent condition.



Historical Description: The German Military had a long tradition of issuing awards for achievements ranging from long service and participation in specific campaigns, to battlefield valor. Some types of awards were to be pinned on the uniform, others were medals that were suspended from ribbons. On the field uniform, only the ribbons for these medals were to be worn. But for dress uniforms used for parade and walking-out purposes, soldiers wore all of their medals in the form of medal bars that would be pinned to the uniform, on the soldier’s chest. Each medal bar was individually custom made by a tailor or a manufacturer of insignia. They were not issue items, they had to be purchased. These ranged from single mounted awards, to long racks of medals indicating a distinguished career of many years, sometimes with medals from both World Wars or even earlier awards of Imperial Germany. German medal bars were also worn on dress uniforms of civil, political, and paramilitary organizations.


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