Heer Richtkanonier Nebelwerfer Insignia

Condition: Excellent Plus

Material: Bevo

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Product Description: This Heer Richtkanonier Nebelwerfer Insignia is a very nice example of a seldom-seen Army trade patch. Officially termed a “Richtabzeichen für Nebeltruppen,” this is a special-career insignia that was specifically intended for a “Nebelwerfer Richtkanonier” (a qualified smoke-troops cannon-operator). It depicts an upright mortar projectile in white, surrounded by a wreath of white leaves, all on a dark blue-green oval background. This patch is textbook Bevo machine woven construction, with a typical backing of thin rayon fabric. This is an unissued patch that has never been sewn to a uniform sleeve or even folded, and remains as it was when cut from a factory roll. The obverse is clean and pristine, with strong original color and almost no toning. The reverse shows typical details of the machine woven construction as well as some very light soiling. This Heer Richtkanonier Nebelwerfer Insignia is a rare and desirable patch, that remains in excellent plus condition.


Historical Description: Trade patches, worn on the sleeve, were a form of insignia widely used on the uniforms of many German organizations before and during WWII. Unlike rank or unit insignia, trade patches showed individual proficiency or specialization. A patch could show that a soldier had received special training, or indicate his specific role in a unit. The German Army alone had over 25 different trade and specialist patches, denoting positions such as pigeon-post master, radio operator, ordinance technician, motor transport NCO and many more. These patches could be worn by all enlisted and NCO ranks of the Heer. These patches were used not only by military branches but by paramilitary organizations as well.



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