Heer Kuban Shield

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unknown

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Product Description: This Heer Kuban Shield has great character and clearly was an issued piece that was worn on a uniform. The obverse of this shield shows light wear, but retains great original finish and detail. It’s mounted on a nice piece of Heer field gray wool, in an attractive brownish shade used in the mid-war period and until war’s end, perfectly suited to the period when this was manufactured. The edges of the wool show light wear and still retain traces of the original stitching that was once used to affix this shield to a soldier’s uniform sleeve. The reverse of this Heer Kuban Shield retains most of the original black backing paper, with some losses around the edges. The wear to the backing reveals the original steel backing plate and prongs, which have taken on a typical old patina. This “been there” campaign shield has an awesome look, and remains in excellent condition.


Historical Description: The Kuban Shield (Ärmelschild Kuban) was instituted by Adolf Hitler on September 20, 1943. It was a campaign shield, awarded to German troops who participated in the battles of the Kuban bridgeheads, between February and October, 1943. To earn this shield, one had to participate in a major battle, be wounded, or have at least 60 days of uninterrupted service in the campaign, either on land, in the air, or on the water. There were 12 separate battles that counted as major battles for the purposes of awarding this shield. The shield was made of stamped metal, with a bronze wash, and featured a stylized map of the Kuban region, with the names of the bridgeheads: Krymskaja, Lagunen, and Noworossijsk. The shields were issued on a wool backing cloth, in a color suited to the uniform of the recipient’s service branch. 


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