German National War Flag, 100x170cm, Kriegsmarine Marked

Condition: Excellent

Manufacturer: G. A. Fröhlichs Sohn A.G. Warndorf. Sud.

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Product Description: This is a great and very attractive example of a Kriegsmarine marked German National War Flag. The size of this one is 100x170cm, which is a little larger than 3 by 5 feet; a perfect size for display, and a desirable size. This is the flag size that was used on torpedo boats. The flag shows some use but retains strikingly bright colors, very vibrant. The German National War Flag is made of wool and is absolutely textbook in all aspects. It shows some signs of use, with a few very small holes and also some scattered smudges and droplets of a gray paint. There are also some small marks where this was once mounted to a wall using thumbtacks, possibly by an earlier collector long ago. The flag remains in excellent condition overall. It’s absolutely complete, including both loops on the hoist end for affixing this to a pole. The printing and construction are typical, with rows of reinforcing stitching to the end opposite the header. The header is very well marked with the size, the flag type designation “R.Kr.Fl.” for Reichskriegsflagge, and the manufacturer, “G. A. Fröhlichs Sohn A.G. Warndorf. Sud.” It is also stamped with the eagle-over-M Kriegsmarine branch acceptance stamping, indicating Naval use. This German National War Flag is an inpressive flag, in a desirable size, made even more desirable by the Kruiegsmarine marking.


Historical Description: The Reichskriegsflagge (Reich War Flag) was the war flag and war ensign of the German military before and during WWII. The flag was designed by Adolf Hitler and was introduced in 1943, combining the Nazi Party flag with elements of the previous German war flag designs. The flag was flown at all official buildings of the German military, including all military barracks. The flags were generally one-piece construction, printed and double-sided, with a white-colored header printed with information about the flag’s size, designation and manufacturer, though variations existed. These flags were used on all vessels of the Kriegsmarine as a war ensign. Kriegsmarine flags were marked with branch property stamps, usually in the form of a national eagle and swastika over an “M” for Marine. The Kriegsmarine authorized these flags to be produced in eight different sizes, with each size intended for vessels of a certain type, from U-Boats and E-Boats up to battleships. As with all Nazi-era flags, they were popular souvenirs for US troops, though most were simply destroyed at the end of the war.


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