German Leather Flight Cap

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Siemens

Base Material: Leather and Wool

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Product Description: This German Leather Flight Cap is an attractive, original example. The leather exterior retains the original deep brown color as well as virtually all of the original, slightly glossy leather surface. There is only very light use and handling wear to the leather. All of the exterior stitching is intact and undamaged, and the brown-painted metal press snaps are functional, with no issues. The steel buckle and retaining clip show some surface rust and patination from age. The brown twill adjustment tape at the top is intact, and the friction clip for it is functional, with patina to the original metal finish. Inside, this German Leather Flight Cap is lined with wool, with a partial leather sweatband in the forehead area. The wool is mostly clean, with some scattered light marks. The sweatband has some discoloration and has started to come unstitched in one small area. The throat mics and whip have been removed. This German leather flight cap displays very well, and is in excellent condition.



Historical Description: During WWII, flight service was extremely demanding and required specialized uniforms and equipment to deal with harsh aerial environments. Among the various belligerent nations, an extremely wide array of gear was utilized. The various air forces issued specialized flight gear for use in aircraft, in addition to the standard service uniforms. There were wool jackets, electrically heated suits, shearling jackets, and the iconic leather flight jackets. Airmen in unheated WWII-era aircraft were also generally equipped with extreme cold weather items such as leather pants and gloves, and heated shoes or boots. Parachutes, headsets, and similar equipment items were intended to help the airmen perform their duties in the incredibly challenging environment of aerial combat. Aircraft were also equipped with specialized survival gear such as life vests, inflatable rafts, water bottles and machetes, to offer airmen a chance at survival in the event of a crash landing. Headgear worn by WWII aviators ranged from visor caps and standard service caps, to various flight helmets (leather or otherwise) and even the steel helmet. Air force ground crew members also had their own uniforms. Uniforms and equipment worn by WWII aviators are sought after by collectors today.


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