German Flare Pistol

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Product Description: This is a great example of a German Flare Pistol. It’s made of aluminum, and retains nearly all of the original anodized dark finish, with normal and expected wear to high spots. This is the desirable, early, 1934 model flare pistol, and it remains intact and functional. The checked black Bakelite grips are free of any cracks or chips. It is German military proofed on the frame and receiver, with what appears to be a Kriegsmarine eagle over “M” acceptance mark. 26,500 of these flare pistols were delivered to the German Navy until production ceased in 1943. This high quality early German Flare Pistol has a clean, smooth bore. It’s an attractive piece, and remains in excellent condition.


Historical Description: Flare pistols were originally patented in the mid-nineteenth century. Germany adopted a flare pistol for their military in 1894. In WWI, they became indispensable weapons of war, used for signaling and providing illumination at night on the battlefield. The Central Powers flare gun used in WWI was a successful design, but had some drawbacks, leading to the design of a new type of flare gun by the Walther factory, which was patented and introduced in 1926. The “Leuchtpistole” was used by the military and also was marketed for civilian use. It was modified in 1934, with a shorter barrel, and this version went on to become the standard flare pistol of the Wehrmacht. In 1942, a new, stamped form of Leuchtpistole was introduced, the LP42, though the Walther 1934 model continued in production until 1943. During WWII, the flare pistol was widely issued and used on all fronts. Hundreds of thousands were made, but only a fraction of them still exist today.


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