German Diplomatic Dagger – Alcoso

Condition: Exc

Maker: Alcoso

Product Description: This is a beautiful example of the extremely rare German Diplomatic Dagger. This pattern is not to be confused with the more frequently encountered Government Officials dagger. Although the Government Officials dagger is not a common piece, this Diplomatic Dagger is ten times as rare. This rare dagger is made by Alcoso, the maker that many believe was one out of only two authorized manufacturers of the Diplomatic dagger. This is a textbook piece, bearing all of the expected and characteristics that are found on true original Alcoso Diplomatic daggers. The blade on this piece is phenomenal and in near mint condition, with only very slight runner marks and some tiny gray spots on the rear.  The blade features a nicely etched commercial style Alcoso manufacturer makers marking, which is the correct mark to find on early war era production pieces.  The handle fittings show only extremely minor wear, with smooth, clean surfaces. The grip plates on dagger are the correct artificial mother of pearl celluloid. They are spectacular and in near mint condition. The velvet buffer pad is still present as they are almost always missing due to age. At the top of the pommel, the spanner bolt shows some marks that may indicate it was taken apart.  Most likely by a collector ensuring that the internal parts have the same matching numbers.  The scabbard on this German Diplomatic Dagger is a perfect match, showing a nice patina, and no dents or damage. We are pleased to be able to offer this extremely desirable German Diplomatic Dagger, which would be extremely challenging to upgrade!


Historical Description: German Diplomatic and Government Officials daggers are among the rarest and most sought-after of all of the production daggers of the Third Reich. These were elegant pieces, made in the highest quality, befitting the high status of the diplomats and officials who carried them. Both the Diplomatic and Government Officials daggers featured silver handle fittings with artificial mother-of-pearl grip plates, and an art-deco style eagle’s head pommel. The Government Officials dagger was produced in greater quantity than the Diplomatic pattern. The easiest way to tell the difference between these two very similar patterns of dagger is the way the eagle head faces on the cross guard. If the eagle faces to the left it is a Government Officials dagger and to the right it is a Diplomatic Officials. Most extant examples are made by Alcoso, who may have been the only authorized maker, though some examples with different maker marks are known. Surviving examples of the Diplomatic and Government Officials Daggers are very desirable among collectors.


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