German Boot Knife

Condition: Very Good

Maker: Unmarked


Product Description: A German Boot Knife in excellent condition. The unmarked blade is in excellent condition showing little freckling and minimal light marks. The cutting edges are also in great shape. The wooden grips shows signs of use, and one of the retaining rivets/pins has bent down slightly in the wooden panel. The original black painted scabbard is in very good condition retaining approximately 70% of the black paint. A nice German Boot Knife that would make a welcome addition to your collection.


Historical Description: The typical German fighting knife of the World Wars was a conventional, general purpose knife, sturdily made, with a full tang and slab grips, and a steel scabbard. The blade length was about 6 inches long. Between 1914 and 1918, there were many makers of these knives, known as “Grabenmesser” (trench knives). Wooden handles were common, and most had a leather belt loop on the scabbard. Some of these knives were privately purchased by the soldiers, while others were issued items. There were many variations, including stag grips, solid metal handles, and even some with offset handles and slots that allowed them to be fixed to rifles, bayonet style.


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