Freikorps Wehrwolf Tunic Button

Condition: Very Good

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Product Description: This Freikorps Wehrwolf tunic button is an extremely rare item from the interwar period. Material from the Wehrwolf organization is extremely hard to find, as little of it has survived, and the organization was not large to begin with. The front of the button bears a rather grim looking skull and crossbones, the emblem of the Wehrwolf units of the Freikorps in the years after WWI. This Freikorps Wehrwolf tunic button retains about half of its original finish. On the skull emblem, the finish has been worn away, revealing bare steel which has some corrosion from age. The reverse of the button shows three piece construction, with a pressed in reverse and round wire shank. The photos illustrating the wear of this pattern are for reference only and not included with the button. This rare button remains in overall very good condition.



Historical Description: Uniform buttons were a part of the regalia used by German civil, political, paramilitary, and military units during and before the Third Reich. Some organizations had their own patterns of buttons, bearing specific organizational emblems. Other groups, such as most military branches, used generic pebbled uniform buttons, with paint or silver finishes as appropriate. The buttons were made in a range of quality, with some of the finest buttons for elite organizations being as finely finished as badges and medals. Often, the reverses of the buttons were stamped with maker marks, sometimes RZM codes. Some patterns of WWII German uniform buttons, especially those used by enlisted military personnel, were made in the many millions and are still common today. Other buttons, such as those worn by high ranking diplomats, or the buttons worn as cap insignia by the early SS combat units, are rare and very sought after by collectors, either to complete uniforms, or as collectible items in their own right.


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