FKV. 301. Guidon

Condition: Very Good

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Product Description: This FKV. 301. Guidon is an interesting and eye-catching unit flag. The exact origin of this flag is unclear, but it is most likely European made. It is made of a sturdy white fabric, with nice, high quality chain stitched emblems. It’s double sided, with each side bearing the lettering “F.K.V” with a detailed emblem of a hand holding a sword, within a wreath of thorns. One corner on each side also bears the number “301” as well as a diagonal green stripe that could represent a region, corps or branch color. The hoist end has two black fabric loops for hanging. This flag shows some wear and aging, with toning to the white fabric and some staining throughout. This FKV. 301. Guidon is a well-made piece, and certainly vintage if not antique. The condition overall is very good.



Historical Description: A guidon or standard is the flag of a military unit. These flags can communicate a wide variety of information, including the specific designation of a unit, its branch or corps affiliation, or even the title of the individual carrying the flag. These flags have a long history in world militaries, stretching back to ancient Rome and even further, into the Bronze Age; their use was formalized in medieval times, with standards emblazoned with the commander’s coat of arms. Guidons were introduced in the US military in 1834 and were first used by cavalry units. Originally, these flags were carried into battle, and had a functional purpose, helping soldiers on the battlefield locate their units and commanders and to retain formation. In modern times, these flags have a more ceremonial purpose and are typically used in formal settings. Military unit flags have a rich tradition and are desirable collectibles.


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