First Class Silesian Medal

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unknown

Metal: Tombak

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Product Description: This First Class Silesian Medal is a very attractive, well-preserved Freikorps award, that is not very easy to find. It is made of a brass alloy (Tombak). The black Silesian Eagle retains nearly all of its original black finish, with only light wear that exposes the gleam of the base metal at the high points. The half-moon and cross, and the “Für Schlesien” (For Silesia) banner, are separate pieces riveted on. The moon retains great original luster, and the banner shows wear to the original silvering, though it is retained in the recesses of the design. The reverse of this First Class Silesian Medal features four textbook rivets, and full original finish. The hardware is intact, functional, and shows no sign of ever having been repaired. The overall condition is excellent.



Historical Description: The Silesian Eagle (Schlesische Bewährungsabzeichen, also known as the Schlesischer Adler) was a Freikorps award of interwar Germany, in the time of the Weimar Republic. It was instituted on June 16, 1919, by the Generalkommando of the VI. Armee-Korps. It was awarded to men of the border security units of the VI. Armee-Korps, who had taken up arms for Silesia, and all those who had fought for Silesia in 1918-19. The award was in the shape of the heraldic Silesian eagle, and was issued in two grades. The 2nd Class award was given for 3 months of exemplary service in the same unit, while the first class award denoted six months of exemplary service in the same border guard unit. The awards were originally produced of iron, with an unofficial enamel version appearing in 1921. Also in 1921, versions of the awards with oak leaves and with swords were introduced, for rewarding soldiers who were still fighting against the Silesian Uprisings and who had already earned the award. Recipients had to purchase the award themselves. It was only in 1934 that the award in its original form (without oak leaves and swords) was recognized as an official state decoration of the German Reich. 


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