Early Tombak Assmann Observer Badge

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Assmann

Pattern: 2nd Pattern

Base Material: Tombak

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Product Description: This Early Tombak Assmann Observer Badge is a great example of an extremely desirable award. The obverse has an attractive, gently worn look, with lots of beautiful original finish and great character. This variant is a classic early Assmann badge, made of Tombak, and extremely high in quality. The bold eagle and swastika emblem retains most of the original darkening, with lots of fine detail intact. The silver electroplated wreath shows only light wear, with pleasant toning. There is a fine, undisturbed patina throughout, with no damage or issues. The reverse of this early Tombak Assmann Observer Badge has a textbook Assmann hardware setup, with correct “spun” rivets, and nice original finish. The round wire attachment pin is functional, and there are no repairs. It’s maker marked with the stylized “A” logo of the firm of F. W. Assmann & Söhne in Lüdenscheid. This badge displays exceptionally well, and is a type missing from most collections. The condition of this badge rates as excellent.



Historical Description: The Luftwaffe Observer Badge (Beobachterabzeichen) was instituted by Luftwaffe chief Hermann Göring on January 19, 1935. To earn the badge, a member of the Luftwaffe had to have had an observer’s license for two months, or to have participated in five flights over enemy territory, or to have been wounded on a flight. Members of other branches of the Wehrmacht could also be awarded the badge, if the necessary conditions had been met. The badge featured a flying eagle and swastika emblem, affixed to a wreath of laurel and oak leaves. Early examples were made of Tombak or nickel silver, with aluminum used (rarely) later, and finally zinc for wartime badges. A cloth version was also authorized for field use. The badge was worn on the left breast of the uniform. About 35,000 pieces had been awarded by war’s end.


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