Early SS Pole Top

Condition: Very Good

Measurements: 7.5” X 7″

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Product Description: This early SS pole top is an extremely impressive and evocative SS artifact. This is a big piece, measuring 7 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. It features a large, bold SS runic emblem. This one was used, and shows a lot of age. It’s made of metal that originally was silver plated. Only traces of the original silvering remain, and the exposed base metal has toned dark over time, with a deep, rich patina. This early SS pole top appears to have been forcibly broken off the original flag pole, as there is a remnant fragment of the top of the pole inside the base of this pole top. There is also a break through the outer circular rim near the base of the pole top, possibly from being snapped off the flag pole. This remains an untouched and all-original example that almost certainly was used in the early days of the SS atop a flag or standard. An extremely desirable object of SS regalia.


Historical Description: Virtually all of the myriad military, civil, political and paramilitary uniformed organizations in existence during the Third Reich had their own flags and standards as part of their organizational regalia. The flags were carried in parades and rallies. In addition to the special flags, most organizations had special pole tops specific to that group, to further distinguish their unique standards. The pole tops often bore either National eagles, organizational emblems, or typical Third Reich patriotic motifs. The emblem would be atop a sleeve into which the flag pole (generally a wood pole with a black finish) would fit. These were designed to be visually impressive pieces of regalia, and are often very eye-catching. Most Third Reich pole tops did not survive the war or its aftermath.


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