Early Spanish Cross in Bronze without Swords

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Unknown

Base Material: Tombak

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Product Description: This Early Spanish Cross in Bronze is an impressive and extremely choice award, in exceptional condition. This beautiful cross a one-piece variant, made by an unknown maker. It’s an early production piece, high quality, made of bronzed Tombak. Virtually all of the finish is present, with golden highlights that contrast with deep, dark finish at the low points of the design. All of the original detail is intact. The reverse of this Early Spanish Cross in Bronze shows minimal age patina. The hardware setup is classic, with a massive block hinge and round wire catch. The banjo-style attachment pin remains functional. There is a small area on the reverse of the cross where it appears that an adhesive label was affixed at some point in the past. This cross is all-original, complete and sound, with no damage or repairs. It’s clean, with great surfaces, and does not appear ever to have been worn. It’s in outstanding, near mint condition, with great eye appeal; it would be extremely challenging to upgrade.




Historical Description: The Spanish Cross (Spanienkreuz) was instituted on April 14, 1939, to recognize the achievements of German personnel who participated in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939. It was in the shape of a Maltese cross with a swastika in the center and Luftwaffe eagle emblems in the spaces between the four arms. The pin-backed award was issued in four classes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold with Diamonds. Bronze and Silver classes were made both with and without swords. Silver and Bronze awards without swords were for non-combatants and was issued to military and civilian personnel with three months of wartime experience in Spain, with the silver version issued for merit. The Bronze award with swords was for combatants, the silver award with swords was for soldiers who took part in decisive battles and who had considerable fighting experience, and the Gold award was for great merit. The highest grade. The Spanish Cross in Gold with Diamonds, was very rarely awarded and reserved for those who showed the greatest merit or who had high leadership skills in battle. There was also a version made for the next of kin of men who had been killed; this was a medal suspended from a ribbon, rather than a pin-on badge. Unlike most German awards, the Spanish Cross was worn on the right side of the uniform.



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