DRL Sport Badge for War Disabled

Condition: Near Mint

Maker: Wernstein

Pattern: War Disabled

Base Material: Tombak

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Product Description: This is an outstanding and very attractive example of the hard to find DRL Sport Badge for War Disabled. It’s a very high-quality badge, made of a brass alloy (Tombak). On the obverse, the wreath retains nearly all of the original gold finish, with eye-catching shine. The “DRL” initials have wonderful silvering, with a bit of dark toning. The badge does show slight wear to the high points that exposes the base metal in places on the wreath. On the reverse, this DRL Sport Badge for War Disabled is well marked. There is a “D.R.G.M.” copyright number, as well as the maker mark of the Wernstein firm. The reverse of this badge retains virtually all of the original silvering, which has a matte look. The hardware setup is complete and unrepaired, and the attachment pin is functional. This is a choice example of a badge that is missing from most collections.



Historical Description: The DRL Sport Badge was an interesting decoration that underwent a number of changes during the Third Reich, and had roots all the way back to the 1912 Olympics. During the Weimar Republic, the German national sport award was issued by the Deutsche Reichsausschuss für Leibesübungen, and bore the initials “DRA.” Starting in 1935, the award was recognized as a national level decoration, issued by the Deutsche Reichsausschuß für Leibesübungen, with the initials “DRL” and a swastika. The designation of this award was the Deutsches Reichssportabzeichen, and later the Deutsche Reichsauszeichnung für Leibesübungen. The decoration was awarded in three grades. and reflected proficiency in sports and participation in official trainings and competitions. During wartime, changes were made to the award to make getting and keeping the award easier for soldiers in front line service. This included new criteria and a new grade of the award introduced in 1942 for war disabled men. Issue of the sports badges ceased in 1944.


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