Double Decal Fire Police Helmet

Condition: Excellent

Maker: D.R.R. THALE

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Product Description: This Double Decal Fire Police Helmet is a very attractive, complete example. This is a lightweight version of the standard M34 helmet used by this organization. The exterior of the helmet retains most of the original glossy black paint finish, with minor to moderate wear in some areas. The Polizei wreathed eagle and swastika decal is almost completely intact, with normal age toning and just a few tiny marks. The national swastika decal also shows toning and some small scuffs, but remains about 95 percent intact. The comb has been removed to comply with wartime regulations, and the attachment holes have been plugged with sheet metal fittings. Inside, this appealing Fire Police Helmet is complete with its original liner. The liner is completely intact, with only moderate period wear. It is size marked “57.” The liner leather and padding remain soft. The original chin strap is present, but is fragile. Inside the skirt, the shell of the helmet is maker marked “D.R.P. THALE.” This helmet has outstanding character, and shows signs of moderate wear from routine period use. The overall condition rates as excellent plus.



Historical Description: Military forces were not the only helmeted personnel in Germany during the Third Reich and WWII. Helmets were also worn by members of a variety of civil, political and paramilitary organizations. These ranged from dress items worn as regalia for parades, to simple, practical helmets designed for protection in hazardous situations. The standard German civil helmet was introduced in 1934. It had a classic German helmet silhouette, with “salt shaker” style air vents, and was not as heavy as the military models. These helmets were worn by members of various paramilitary forces including fire protection police, for whom the helmet was to offer protection when fighting fires. Starting in 1938, a range of so-called “gladiator” helmets was also introduced for wear by members of the air raid protection organizations. Originally fitted with a large decal and blue paint, by the end of the war, the helmet had been simplified and was being issued with black paint and no decal. During the era, special helmet decals were introduced for organizations such as the German Red Cross and Bahnschutz train protection police, for wear on the various civil helmet models used by these groups, which included civil variations of the WWI helmet models and in some cases, even captured foreign helmets. Some of these models are common today, while others are rare and extremely sought-after. All of them are collectible.


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