DLV Fliegersturm Badge – Leipzig

Condition: Excellent

Base Metal: Tombak

Maker: Mattheis Müller


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Product Description: A rare DLV Fliegersturm Badge in overall excellent condition. This DLV Fliegersturm Badge is made of die stamped  tombak base metal which received a high quality silver electroplating with a rich blue enamel background. The motif of the badge is an eagle clutching a propeller over a swastika. No damage is observed to the blue enamel. The reverse of the badge retains is original hardware, which consists of a simple hinge and pin assembly. Interesting to note are the solder plates which the hinge and pin are attached to. Usually on earlier tombak badges the hardware was simply soldered directly to the badge itself. These plates give the hardware more support and reduce the possibility of them becoming detached or broken. Below the catch is the makers name of “Matth. Müller, Leipzig, C.1. Klostergasse”. This is the first time we have encountered this type of early DLV badge. We know of no others examples at the moment.

Historical Description: The Deutscher Luftsportverband (DLV) was an organization created by the NSDAP in March, 1933. The “Sport” in the name helped to conceal the fact that the DLV were not really a sport organization, but rather was made up of units that conducted military flight training- specifically, the training of military pilots, contravening the Treaty of Versailles stipulation that Germany was not to have any air force. The head of the DLV was Hermann G<span class=”st”>ö</span>ring, and Ernst R<span class=”st”>öhm was the deputy chief. The organization was formed from a number of pre-existing flight clubs. The various SA “Fliegersturm” units were disbanded, and their personnel rolled into the DLV, with an increased focus on military style flight training rather than air sports. The DLV was a uniformed organization, and wore uniforms similar to that of the SA, but with distinctive insignia and rank structure. In 1937, the DLV was disbanded; the successor organization was the Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK).


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