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Product Description: This DAOV Flag Pole Top is a rare item. It was used for unit standards of the Nationalsozialist Reichsverband der deutschen Arbeitsopfer (NSAO), the National Socialist National Association for Victims of Workplace Accidents. This was a small organization that was not officially part of the Nazi party, and any regalia from this organization is not common. This DAOV flag pole top is gorgeous and very impressive. It is coated with a heavy, brightly polished sliver finish (possibly nickel plate). It bears the cogwheel, hammer and swastika organizational emblem of the DAOV, surmounted by finely detailed oak leaves and acorns. There is black paint behind the swastika, and in the recesses of the box with the “DAOV” lettering, creating a stark contrast with the polished finish. The finish remains exceptionally bright. This DAOV flag pole top is double sided, and retains its original threaded steel post used to affix it to the pole. It would probably not be possible to find a better example of a rare DAOV flag pole top.


Historical Description: Virtually all of the myriad military, civil, political and paramilitary uniformed organizations in existence during the Third Reich had their own flags and standards as part of their organizational regalia. The flags were carried in parades and rallies. In addition to the special flags, most organizations had special pole tops specific to that group, to further distinguish their unique standards. The pole tops often bore either National eagles, organizational emblems, or typical Third Reich patriotic motifs. The emblem would be atop a sleeve into which the flag pole (generally a wood pole with a black finish) would fit. These were designed to be visually impressive pieces of regalia, and are often very eye-catching. Most Third Reich pole tops did not survive the war or its aftermath.


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